Call for Papers

Author Guidelines

The guidelines set by the scientific committee of SANCON 2018 for the submission of theabstract are as follows:

The abstract of the scientific paper to be presented in the conference should comply with the following characteristics:

1. The topics of the scientific papers should be on safer anaesthesia, general anaesthesia,regional anaesthesia, specialty anaesthesia, pain, perioperative medicine, critical care medicine, education, history of anaesthesia, basic science related to anaesthesia, organizational issues and related topics.

2. Original scientific work and case series (If presented earlier, should provide full details including where and when the presentation was done. If published earlier, should provide full details including the name of the journal and the published date.
The paper presented or published earlier should not be older than three years from the last date of submission. The scientific committee holds the right to accept or decline such paper after scrutinizing the relevancy of the paper.)

3. Registration for the conference is mandatory. You will have to specifically 'tick' the appropriate choices as 'Author'/'Reviewer'/'Reader' at the end of the registration page in our conference website. Registration as author or reviewer is required to submit papers to the scientific committee.

4. The deadline for the abstract submission is 30 January 2018.

5. The scientific committee of SANCON 2018 will not answer and responsible for any conclusion drawn from the papers or scientific work presented during conference. Any possible legal issues or interest related to the articles and published papers or papers under publication will not be under any form of legal responsibility of the scientific committee SANCON 2018. The presenter/authors must be responsible in case of such conflicts.

The abstracts submitted must adhere to the following specifications:

1. Abstracts should be in British English.

2. Abstracts must be limited to 300 words.

3. Authors, Coauthors, Place of conduct of study should be clearly mentioned.

4. Abstract shall be presented under the headings of Title; Author Information;
Introduction; Materials and methods; Results; and Conclusions.

5. Key words should be listed at the end in an alphabetical order.

6. Abstracts must be formatted as a Microsoft Word Document and with following formatting:

a. Single line spaced
b. Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12
c. Page layout: 1 inch margin on all four sides

7. Please indicate the designation of the presenter (Resident/ Fellow/ Faculty/ Consultant) and mention corresponding email.

8. Abstract Title

a. Title must be in Bold, font size 14
b. No abbreviations should be used in the title.
c. Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always
d. Abstract titles must be limited to fifteen words or less. Titles exceeding the limit will be edited.

9. Authors & Institutions

a. Group the authors together: Last name followed by first and middle names.
b. Omit academic degrees and titles.
c. Group institutions together, and provide institution names, cities and country.

10. Multiple papers: A speaker may submit more than one paper; but must disclose earlier.

11. Type of presentation: Authors must indicate the type of presentation they wish to make, either oral or poster. But the scientific committee holds the right to decide the mode of presentation. Voice recorded video presentation is also encouraged.

12. The abstract not fulfilling the guidelines including those with spelling or grammatical mistakes will not be entertained.

Please submit your abstract online only through the conference website:

Click here for a video explaining the process of abstract submission.

Confirmation of Receipt
You will receive an email confirming your submission to the conference. You can then regularly view the current status of your article by logging into your account in our conference website.

Once the abstract is accepted; an acceptance letter will be send to the presenters who shall then provide the following details to the scientific committee within two weeks of receiving acceptance letter:

1. A short and concise Curriculum Vitae of the presenter;
2. Confirmation of Registration in the 19th SANCON 2018.
3. Final Power Point Presentation in email attachment.


1. Time allotted for oral presentation:

a. Guest lecturers / Invited papers are given 25 minutes for presentation and next 5 minutes for discussion.
b. Submitted / Free papers are given 15 minutes for presentation and next 3 minutes for discussion.

2. Laptops: Individual laptops/notebook will not be entertained in the conference room. Presenters will have to provide their full presentation well in advance.

3. Poster presentation guidelines

a. Poster presentation guidelines will be sent once the abstract of the poster presentation is accepted.

4. Scheduling: Please check the SAN website for the scheduled date and time of your presentation.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2018-01-31.

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